Who Runs the Water that Runs America

Let's Tell Your Story

Let’s make water important! 

Every day in the U.S., millions of gallons of water are pumped from reservoirs into homes, yet few Americans understand the challenges you face driving and maintaining water utilities in their communities.

We’ve created this initiative to change that. We have launched a video, a website, social media posts and other communication tools for you to use to create awareness about your, and your colleagues’, efforts in your community.

At www.whorunsthewater.com, all Americans can learn more about the water cycle, water prices, what they can do to save water and much, much more. 

So, let’s show everyone who runs the water that runs America!

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What do Americans think about water services? 

New consumer survey reveals what Americans think about water services. Get more insights!

What do Americans think about water services? 

New consumer survey reveals what Americans think about water services. Get more insights!

Run Water Smarter

How do we solve the water challenge?

The water challenge is real, but there is not one perfect solution for it. Rather, it takes many small and smart initiatives. Dive into some of them here on this page, study them and share them with your peers. And let´s run water smarter!

Show family, friends and your community what your water utility does - create a local water video

The most important water story in your community is the one you can tell - the local story. Show how many customers you serve each day and the gallons of water you provide. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to make a video to tell and share information about your water or wastewater utility.

You can now highlight the role you, your colleagues and your water utility play in your local area. It's completely free and takes just a couple of minutes to produce.

Here's how:

  • Add utility data to customize the video
  • Add pictures
  • Generate the video
  • Share on Facebook or with family, friends and colleagues


Free Content


Get free water facts and graphics to post on your utility’s Facebook wall 

Do you find it hard to get your customer’s attention on Facebook? We’ve created some fun and engaging content you can download and post directly on your utility’s Facebook or other social media. 

Show Your New Video

whorunsthewater.com is now live! 

Share this website with your community and give them the opportunity to learn more about:

  • The water test: Are you a water waster or a water saver?
  • The water lifecycle
  • Water usage and water footprint
  • Water prices across the country
  • Water infrastructure challenges
  • Water savings tips etc.  
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Understanding the Importance of Water

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All the provided tools are free for use.

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