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On this page, we provide different pieces of content, which you can use on your social media or print. You can edit the text for the social media posts as you like. The content for social media is provided in text (word document format), picture file (JPEG format) and with links. Posters are delivered in PDF format. The placement and possible costs of public placement is the responsibility of the user. 

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Social media content 

Use the following assets across your various social media channels in order to drive engagement. Copy paste the text from the word document and use the picture file, when you post it on your water utilities’ social media channels. 

Social media posts

1. The water cycle

2. Water footprint: café latte

3. Water footprint: steak

4. Water footprint: shirt

5. Water conservation: fix leaky pipes

6. Water rates maps


The following posters are for you to download and print.

1. The water cycle 

2. The water infrastructure

3. Water footprint facts

4. Water footprint info