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Lazer Alignment

A Lazer Alignment  from Grundfos considerably extends the service life of your pump by eliminating the potential for component damage caused by shaft misalignment. Laser Alignments are ideal for long-coupled pumps and fire systems, where lazer optical technology  is used to align the motor shaft perfectly to a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring optimum pump efficiency. A Lazer Alignment increases your pump's efficiency and reliability while reducing energy usage and operating costs of your installation- the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of owning and operating the pump is also lowered. Other benefits of lazer alignment include:

  • Reduced energy usage and operating costs due to increased efficiency and reliability
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost (LCC) due to longer service life
  • Reduced pump wear and vibration
  • Lower noise levels

Service Contract

Leave your pump and system maintenance tasks to our experienced service technicians and Authorized Service Partners. With a Grundfos Service contract, your pump installation will be running in top condition and in an energy-efficient manner while saving you valuable time and resources. Our service contract delivers scheduled preventive maintenance checks at the time most convenient for you. With a Grundfos Service contract, we make sure that your pumping system always functions reliably, optimally and efficiently. Other benefits include:

  • Optimized and reliable pump operation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Breakdown prevention and quick response from Grundfos if the need arises
  • Predictable service and maintenance costs
  • Increased system lifetime

Other Repair & Maintenance Services

Let Grundfos be your local partner in pump and system repair and maintenance. Our service technicians and Authorized Service Partners can complete a variety of pump and system services to improve installation performance and improve the longevity and operation of your equipment. Repair and maintenance services include:

  • Quick emergency service and repair
  • Detailed tear down inspection report
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Vertical turbine re-bowling program
  • Pump replacement recommendations
  • Vibration and metallurgical analyses
  • Diagnostic survey and troubleshooting

Repair & Maintenance Images

Removal and replacement of horizontal split case pump

Before: Removal of old split case pump

New PACO split case pump

After: New PACO vertical inline pump

Replacement of existing pump

Before: Removal of old submersible pump

Grundfos SL pumps, floats, and control

After: New Grundfos SL pumps and floats