Monitoring & Control

Monitoring & Control Service Offerings
  • Remote Pump Management
  • Pump & System Control Tools

Grundfos Remote Management

Grundfos Remote Management (GRM) is an efficient and cost effective alternative to costly SCADA systems or similar.  With our Internet-based solution, you get reliable performance data from your pumping installation at a very low cost and with complete system security and reliability. You can monitor the performance of all pump installations and get an overview of alarms and warnings - all from your mobile phone.  The application is hosted on a secure Grundfos server and is accessed using any Internet-enabled PC. GRM Solution Management includes the following offerings:

  • GRM Basic - installation includes hardware and commissioning - if you are using Grundfos E-pumps this is the only offering you need
  • GRM Extended - for installations where data are not available through Grundfos E-pumps
  • 1 year GRM license with or without a GSM card
  • GRM consultancy for solving installation problems at your site

Benefits of using Grundfos Remote Management include:

  • A reliable foundation of performance data for making decisions about the pump installation
  • Instant SMS text alarm messages to relevant personnel when needed
  • Minimal initial investment and fixed operating costs
  • Data security and system reliability with solution hosted at Grundfos
  • Reduced need for onsite inspection work
  • Monitoring of pump and system performance
  • An overview of energy consumption
  • Plug and play integration


Grundfos GO

Grundfos GO is a mobile monitoring and configuration solution that delivers maximum pump control and efficiency. It is designed for iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, and Android smartphones and gives you real-time access to live performance data and detailed configuration and management options for single pumps as well as entire pump systems.

You can choose from three different Grundfos GO offerings:

MI 201 – complete package with iPod touch
MI 202 – mobile connection interface for your iPhone, iPod or iPad
MI 301 – universal interface with Bluetooth for your Apple or Android device

With the Grundfos GO you get access to time-saving features and built-in help and documentation functions making it the ideal control and monitoring solution when total mobility and flexibility is required.

Benefits of the Grundfos GO:

  • Ultimate pump control flexibility
  • Real-time mobile monitoring enables quick responses to pump issues
  • User-friendly interface