Energy Optimization

Grundfos Digital Services brings a new era of intelligenceto pump systems and water technology with solutionsthat look beyond individual components and optimize theentire system. The Grundfos Digital Portfolio allows you to mix and match ourdigital offerings to create the right solution for your needs.

  • Pump Audits
  • Energy Checks
  • Pump Replacement Recommendations

Energy Check

An Energy Check is conducted by a Grundfos Authorized Service Partner who gathers the operational data, age and CO2 emissions of your existing pumps. An analysis of this data is then conducted by a Grundfos Energy Optimization Technician to determine the energy and cost savings you would receive by switching to more energy efficient Grundfos pumps. A detailed Energy Check report including a life cycle cost analysis and recommendations for optimizing your pumping system is provided to you when the analysis is complete. Benefits include:

  • You will know exactly how much you are currently spending on your pumping system and how much you could save with Grundfos
  • The Energy Check concept improves the environmental profile of your facility and supports you in reducing your energy and water consumption
  • Your facility will meet design standards for high energy pump systems

Pump Audit

A Pump Audit is a full diagnosis of your existing pump system. It measures flow, pressure and power consumption during a defined period of time (as determined by local authorities), or for a period that represents the full profile of water demand (typically one week). Data from the analysis is then used to determine the true load profile of the building and calculate the efficiency, return on investment and carbon emission levels of the existing system. A water bill analysis to determine water consumption rates and a review of the pump engineering drawings are also conducted. This data is then compiled into a recommendations report with details on the savings achievable through a properly-sized system - opening up the door for more utility rebates. 

  • You will know the complete load profile; efficiency return and emission levels on your existing system
  • Data from our Pump Audit may qualify you for retrofit utility rebates
  • A complete profile of the recommended retrofit system will be provided including lifecycle costs and investment payoff date