Run Water Smarter

Run Water Smarter

Every little initiative has a role in the big picture

The water challenge we face is very real – and we have no one perfect solution. What we do have is many small and smart ideas that add up to something big. Dive into some of them on this page, familiarise yourself with them and share them with your peers. That’s the key to how we will run water smarter

A cross-country alliance begins in Sacramento

In September in Sacramento, members of the Californian Water Tech Alliance, professors, water utility managers and the Danish Minister of the Environment and Food met to discuss how to solve America’s water challenges.

The result is an alliance based on knowledge sharing and best practice that is designed to leverage water resource management, expertise and technology.

Get your peers' views on water challenges

Tim Worley, Executive Director at American Water Works Association, California-Nevada Section AWWA

Watch Tim Worley talk about the challenges of maintain a continual supply of clean freshwater and how technology, innovation and communication all play a part in meeting them.

Piret Harmon, General Manager, Scotts Valley Water District

Watch Piret Harmon as she discusses how important it is for water utilities to communicate with their customers to increase awareness about where water comes from and the efforts it takes to deliver it. 

Rosemary Knight, Professor of Environmental Geophysics, Stanford University

In this interview, Rosemary Knight talks about how essential it is that we better understand groundwater management and how advanced technology has a main role to play in doing this.

What does America really think about water?

What does America really think about water?

63% of Americans are worried about access to clean water. Find out more about what the country thinks about water in this extensive consumer survey.

Latest cases, insights and articles

Run Water Smarter

One small box in a pump system saves
the day - twice

Grundfos MP204 motor protection units at Rose Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant kicked into action during a power issue, saving several essential pumps.

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Run Water Smarter

Optimised water solutions

Water challenges are increasing with demand for our most precious resource. Learn how you can optimise challenges head on.

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Run Water Smarter

Demand Driven Distribution
– great for more than leaks

Discover how Demand Driven Distribution can significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance. 

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Meet the expert:
Demand Drive Distribution

Watch Grundfos Application Manager Coreta Schomacker explain how Demand Driven Distribution offers a smart, cost-effective way to reduce water waste. 

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Sensor & Wafer

Grundfos sensor expert Klaus Kattenhøj talks about how a differential pressure sensor can reduce costs.

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Run Water Smarter

Danish technology helps moves
American wastewater into the future

Wastewater treatment is an energy-heavy process, but near Chicago it’s being carried out using Danish technology in a more energy efficient way. 

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Insights to take you further


A pump increases a Californian vineyard's sustainability

How do you minimise water use when you have 46,000 grape vines to keep healthy?
The answer lies underground.

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An old Polish water treatment plant transforms into one of the country's best

How do you bring an ageing, inefficient water treatment plant into the 21st century? A complete redesign of the plant and its pump systems provided part of the solution, and reduced energy consumption by 50%.

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Real-time pressure adjustments cut energy by 32%

How did a Chilean waterworks improve its supply of water to locals and manage to reduce its energy by a third? Demand Drive Distribution’s ability to detect peak and low demand was the solution.

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