Pumping Systems

Grundfos pump systems are available in a wide range of configurations to fit your application needs. The Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ, Hydro Multi-B and Hydro Multi-E products are integrated pumping systems that combine the latest technology with the highest quality. Each component is made by Grundfos to meet the highest standards in the industry. They handle even the most difficult boosting applications with ease and accuracy. Based on the extremely reliable, high efficiency CR pump range, these pumping systems ensure all technologies involved in the process work perfectly together. 

Grundfos also offers a full range of functional modular pumping stations complete with all necessary pumps, piping, valves and level controls. Prefabricated Grundfos pumping stations feature pumps, controls and a polyethylene pump pit customized to suit the specific requirements of a variety of applications, including drainage, effluent, stormwater and wastewater.  

Our product brands Paco and Peerless also deliver high-quality results. Grundfos’ Paco brand is the preferred choice of centrifugal pumps for many market applications, including HVAC, plumbing, recreation, waterworks, wastewater, irrigation and agriculture, aquaculture, steel mills and power plants. Nearly all Paco products are custom designed to provide a perfect fit for the customers’ applications. Paco’s innovative designs and intensive engineering efforts translate into lower initial cost, longer pump life, reduced operating and maintenance costs, maximum efficiency and reliability, and quieter operation for the end user.

On the Peerless side, thousands of installations (UL, ULC or FM approved) deliver superior fire protection to facilities worldwide. For
over 80 Peerless Pump has been offering complete service, from engineering assistance to in-house fabrication to field start-up. Products are designed from a broad selection of pumps, drives, controls, baseplates and accessories. Fire pump choices include horizontal split case, in-line and end suction centrifugal, as well as vertical turbines pumps.

Hydro MPC l Hydro Multi-B l Hydro Multi-E l PACOpaQ l Peerless Pump Fire Pump Units, Systems, and Housed Packaged Systems

Hydro MPC

Hydro MPC

Grundfos Hydro MPC systems are made to very high standards. Thanks to the CU 352 controller, they handle even the most difficult pumping applications with ease and accuracy.

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 - MPC-E CR Panel Mount VFD Spec Sheet / MPC-E CRE Integrated VFD/PM Motor Spec Sheet
 - MPC-F Spec Sheet / MPC-S Spec Sheet


Hydro Multi-B

The Hydro Multi-B is a unique combination of variable speed multistage pumps and simple user interface.The CME pump combined with an MLE motor provides the variable speed functionality with energy efficiency that exceeds NEMA premium efficiency levels.

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Hydro Multi-E 100x100

Hydro Multi-E

The Hydro Multi-E booster system uses two to four identical Grundfos CRE pumps connected in parallel with a common suction and discharge manifold and all the necessary fittings.

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PACOpaQ systems combines PACO-brand centrifugal pumps with Grundfos MLE motor and integrated variable frequency drive. The systems are modular, fully customizable HVAC solutions designed for use in chilled and hot water distribution, condenser water, geothermal loop, district heating and cooling systems.

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Peerless Pump Fire Pump Units, Systems, and Housed Packaged Systems

Peerless Pump Fire Pump Units, Systems, and Housed Packaged Systems

Now sold through Peerless Pump Company, click here for more information about this change. Grundfos recommends the following replacements: KP & KPV, CR, VL & VLS, VLSE, and VLC & VLSC.