Grundfos TPE3, TPE2



Intelligent, Efficient, In-line Pumping

The Grundfos TPE3 is the smartest and most efficient vertical In-line pump, combining best-in-class pump intelligence and efficiency with built-in features that make it easy to use like smart controls and enhanced mechanical efficiencies that deliver savings in a simplified package. With features that simplify installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, the TPE3 is a logical choice for almost any commercial heating and cooling application. Adaptive control modes, integrated sensors, hassle-free communication capabilities and an ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor combine to provide simplified, intelligent pumping that can save you up to 85% in energy consumption compared to a typical circulator.

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  • Hydronic Heating and Cooling
    • Single-pipe heating systems
    • Primary / Secondary
    • Heat Recovery Systems
    • Distributed Pumping
    • District Energy Systems
  • Boiler Bypass Pumps
  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation

Features and benefits

  • Plug-and-pump with features like built-in temperature and pressure sensors, which eliminate the need for additional sensors in most cases.
  • Intelligent control modes simplify the optimization of pump performance using temperature, pressure and flow to deliver unrivaled efficiency automatically.

    - Differential temperature can control system performance based on ΔT with just one additional temperature sensor
    - Proportional pressure adjusts pressure when the setpoint is known, to match flow to actual demand and decrease energy consumption with integrated sensor.
    - AUTOADAPT controls proportional pressure even when the setpoint is unknown in order to maximize efficiency.
    - FLOWADAPT monitors flow and ensures that the flow rate never exceeds the FLOWLIMIT value, eliminating the need for a pump balancing valve.
  • Wireless communication allows connection of up to four single TPE3 pumps, enabling cascade control for wider range and greater efficiency.
  • Easy BMS integration available with snap-in CIM modules that follow LON, Profibus, Modbus, SMS / GSM / GPRS and BACnet standards and provide over 30 points of data and control using single poll functionality.
  • Advanced permanent magnet motor offers an additional 7–10% decrease in energy cost over NEMA Premium
  • Easy BMS integration available with snap-in CIM modules that follow LON, Profibus, Modbus, SMS / GSM / GPRS and BACnet standards and provide over 30 points of data and control using single poll functionality.
  • Large performance range: From 5 to 80 m3/h Quantity and 3 to 25 m Head
  • Temperature range: Liquid temperature: -25 oC to +120 oC; Ambient temperature: -20 oC to +50 oC
  • Cast iron as standard. Stainless steel for single pumps up to DN65

Comparison of TPE3 and TPE2

System IntelligenceHeat Energy Meter+-
 ΔT control with 2 sensors1 internal + 1 external sensor or 2 external sensorsExternal sensors only
 ΔP control1 internal DPI (Differential Pressure) sensor or 2 external pressure sensorsExternal sensors only
Control ModesProportional pressure+-
 Constant flow++
 Constant pressure++
 Constant differential pressure++
 Constant temperature++
 Standstill heating++
 Setpoint influence9 possibilities9 possibilities
 Limit exceed++
 Operating log+Only limited via Grundfos GO


  • Low energy consumption
  • Intelligent control modes
  • Built-in heat energy meter
  • Integrated ΔT control
  • Intelligent communication to BMS
  • Large performance range



Commercial Buildings Intelligent Systems Sales Brochure

Sales Brochure

Commercial Buildings Intelligent Systems

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TPE2, TPE2 (D), TPE3, TPE3 (D) Data Booklet

Data Booklet

TPE2, TPE2 (D), TPE3, TPE3 (D)

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TPE2 (D), TPE3 (D) Installation & Operation Manual

Installation & Operation Manual

TPE2 (D), TPE3 (D)

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TPE3 Sales Brochure

2019 Sales Brochure

2019 TPE3 Brochure

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