SQE-NE pumps are submersible well pumps for 3-inch and larger wells. The SQE-NE is designed using materials that are resistant to chemicals and pollutants so that they are suitable for Environmental applications. SQE-NE pumps include innovative motor technology with the ability to communicate with a controller mounted at the surface to control pump operation.


SQE-NE pumps are suitable for the following applications

  • sampling
  • remedial pumping
  • withdrawal of contaminated water at

   – dumps
   – chemical depots
   – industrial sites
   – garages and filling stations

  • pumping in water treatment systems
  • pumping of industrial process water
  • water quality monitoring.

SQE-NE pumps are built for both continuous and intermittent operation.

Features and Benefits

SQE-NE pumps offer the following features:

  • dry-running protection
  • high efficiency of pump and motor
  • wear resistance
  • protection against upthrust
  • soft starting
  • overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • overload protection
  • overtemperature protection
  • variable speed
  • electronic control and communication



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