Grundfos PACOpaQ systems are modular, fully customizable HVAC solutions designed for use in chilled and hot water distribution, condenser water, geothermal loop, district heating and cooling systems. The PACOpaQ uses a fully integrated CU 352 controller which automatically adjusts system performance to the most efficient operation needed to achieve desired flow and pressure – saving energy and eliminating unnecessary pump wear.

Ideal for HVAC pumping applications in schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and industrial plants, the system offers multiple configurations with up to four pumps in parallel. A complete range of pump designs including inline, end suction, horizontal split case and vertical turbines - many of which feature the innovative Grundfos MLE motor with integrated variable frequency drive - allow for maximum versatility.

Heat exchangers are included in the PACOpaQ as well as expansion tanks, hydraulic separators, and tangential air separators – also available separately. These components work together to provide lower initial cost, longer pump life, reduced maintenance, maximum efficiency and quieter operation for the end user.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete and customizable system design reduces installation costs
  • Advanced CU 352 controller optimizes performance and energy usage
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing facility provides quality construction and value-added services
  • Fully Integrated control system with start-up wizard makes operation simple
  • Designed with two, three or four pumps
  • Includes carbon steel pipe headers and supports mounted on a common base frame with all the necessary integrated or stand-alone VFDs, fittings and a control panel
  • 4" - 14" universal headers
  • 100 - 4600 GPM pump system options
  • Predetermined PACO LCS/LF/LC end suction and VL/VLS in-line pump selections
  • Variable speed for energy efficiency


  • Reduces installation costs
  • Customizable design
  • Optimizes performance and energy use
  • Fully integrated control system
  • Quality manufacturing



PACOpaQ Brochure

Product Brochure

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PACOpaQ Quick Selection Guide

Quick Selection Guide

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PACOpaQ Data Booklet

Data Booklet

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PACOpaQ Installation & Operation Manual

Installation & Operation Manual

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Grundfos PACOPAQ Product Flyer

Product Flyer

Grundfos PACOPAQ Product Flyer

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