IO 111



The IO 111 forms the interface between a Grundfos wastewater pump with analogue and digital sensors and the pump controller.

One pump only can be connected to each IO 111 module.
The IO 111 forms a galvanic separation between the motor voltage in the pump and the controller connected.

By means of the IO 111, it is possible to:

  • protect the pump against overtemperature
  • monitor sensors for analogue measurements
  • stop the pump in the event of an alarm
  • remote-monitor the pump via RS485 communication (Modbus or GENIbus)
  • operate the pump via a frequency converter.


The SM 111 will work together with an IO 111, but only IO 111 versions with a communication module, part number 96177804.

The SM 111 can collect data from more sensors.


The IO 111 module is used together with wastewater pumps in wastewater applications to give more protection for the pumps.

Features and benefits

The IO 111 can collect data from following sensors and inputs:

  • motor temperature
  • water content [%] in oil
  • stator insulation resistance
  • bearing temperature
  • digital measurement of moisture in the motor.


The SM 111 can collect data from:

  • 3 current sensors, 4-20 mA
  • 3 Pt100 thermal sensors
  • Pt1000 thermal sensor
  • PTC thermal sensor (maximum 3 PTC sensors in series) (According to DIN 44081/44082)
  • 1 digital input




  • Water in oil sensor
  • Two fault categories – warning and alarm
  • Insulation resistance



IO 111

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IO 111


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