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Grundfos Engineered Systems (GES) designs and manufactures packaged chiller plants for optimal climatization.  Our chiller plants incorporate Grundfos energy efficient pumping systems, a variety of chiller technologies, and condenser water systems for fully integrated modular plants.  Our outdoor rated modular enclosures are designed for superior life and include lighting, convenience receptacles, and HVAC unit for equipment maintenance working conditions.  Seismic and wind load rating available, along with corrosive environment coatings for conditions such as sea water. 


  • Integration of our Grundfos premium efficient pumps.  The pump on any HVAC system is the engine that drives the heating and cooling medium throughout the building.    
  • Utilization of the proper chiller technology custom designed for your project need, not just a catalog product.
  • Fixed costs and guaranteed delivery for a major portion of your project.
  • Our plants are built to be shipped to jobsite, installed quickly, and efficiently for immediate operation.  Factory built plants minimize jobsite disruption and various construction delays.
  • Complete electrical distribution for single-point input power connection.
  • Complete structural platforms for cooling tower installations.  Options include: fully integrated structure to base, side-by-side designs for low profile, or other custom designs to provide lowest overall footprint.
  • Pressure testing of all finished piping and components up to 300 psi as needed by project.
  • Continuity test of all 480V power wiring for proper phasing and grounding.
  • Complete controls integration, from mounting customer supplied controls to Grundfos fully integrated control systems with BACNet compatibility. Integration heat exchangers, pumps, controls, control valves and accessories on a common skid base
  • Engineered to order design with 3D CAD modelling
  • Single source of manufacturing provides quality construction and value-added services


  • HVAC
  • Critical cooling
  • District heating and cooling

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Product Flyer

Packaged Chiller Plants

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Commercial / Industrial Grundfos Engineered Systems

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