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Expansion Tanks

The Grundfos top feed bladder expansion tanks are designed with a bladder to eliminate any direct air-to-water contact during the make-up water cycle, where the air can be absorbed into the solution and carried to other parts of the system. The results of entrained air can range from air-locked remote terminal units, system balancing issues and pump cavitation. The top feed tank design keeps the air to pressurize the system on the outside shell of the tank, with all expanded fluid directed into the bladder chamber. Air and water are permanently separated during all phases of the system cycle. Properly sized, selected and located air separators and integrated expansion tanks in closed hydronic systems can provide a stable operation.

Chilled Water Systems
Hot Water Systems
PACOpaQ™ HVAC packaged pumping systems

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Top Feed expansion tanks and accessories are made in the USA, providing compliance with the Buy America Act.
  • Partial acceptance tanks for smaller installations.
  • Full acceptance models available for larger systems and are smaller than standard open tanks.
  • Removable and replaceable heavy-duty butyl rubber bladder.
  • 125 PSIG design pressure
  • 240◦F maximum operating temperature


ASME Stamped


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Expansion Tanks - Top Feed Bladder

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Expansion Tanks - Top Feed Bladder


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