Grundfos FireConnect Cloud-Based Monitoring System



Grundfos FireConnect is a cloud based monitoring system provides real-time status of any fire pump system in your portfolio. Not only are you the first to know about a potential fire emergency, you also have vital information ready to provide fire responders which could potentially limit the damages.

Complete fire pump system information can be accessed 24/7 - anytime and anywhere - and can aid with monitoring, testing, maintenance and emergency response. It reduces the need for frequent on-site inspections, and in the event of an alarm or warning, the relevant people are notified. 

Systems Capable of Utilizing FireConnect™

  • Any pump make
  • Horizontal split case, in line, end suction
  • New or retrofit systems
  • Can communicate through Modbus RTU system on most controller makes

FireConnect™ Technical Data

A “diagnose to dispatch” instead of “dispatch to diagnose” approach enables effective service site visits.

A precise picture – inspection, testing, maintenance and notification.

Fire incident command assistance

In the event of an actual fire incident, FireConnect will display pump flow, water supply, and active riser information that can be used to make decisions during an actual incident.

In addition, if water is being supplied from a storage tank, fire incident command will be able to know how much water is available before the supply is depleted.

Flow Tests and Non-Flow Tests

Quickly and easily review history of weekly/monthly/annual fire pump testing, both flow and non-flow tests, to monitor compliance with code-mandated testing requirements.

Jockey Pump Starts and Stops

Record Jockey Pump system operational values (starts and stops) for excessive use, as a means to indicate potential leaks/problems in the sprinkler system.

Notification Methods

Alerts and report data can be generated and filtered to be sent out in various formats including Email and Text Message.


  • -24/7 connectivity with real time performance data
  • -Quickly review weekly/monthly/annual tests for code compliance
  • -Anticipate maintenance issues based on historical performance trends
  • -Access critical data for fire incident command
  • -Customizable alerts and access based on the responsibility of personnel
  • -Benchmark future tests against the original performance curve to ensure ideal system performance
  • -Store and benchmark all performance tests against the original factory curve to ensure ideal system performance
  • -Be confident your fire pump system is ready to operate
  • -Peace of mind knowing your fire pump system is ready to operate and code compliant



FireConnect Product Flyer

Product Flyer

FireConnect Product Flyer

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2.06 MB - 2 Pages

FireConnect Installation & Operation Manual

Installation & Operation Manual

FireConnect Installation & Operation Manual

Download PDF

638 KB - 17 Pages


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