Peerless Horizontal Industrial Pumps: AE



The Peerless offering includes multiple horizontal splitcase pump options. The AE are single stage, double suction pumps available in forty-two different hydraulic configurations and twenty-five pump sizes. Discharge sizes range from 2 to 10 inches. The AE has a wide selection of hydraulic performance envelopes, multiple mechanical configurations and several material options, including stainless steel.

The Peerless splitcase pumps handle water and other non abrasive fluids. Applications vary from small, single pump commercial installations to large, multi-pump municipal water supply systems.

The AE Series pump uses a class 35 cast iron casing material. To provide permanent alignment of bearings and all rotating parts, Peerless Pump casts the bearing bracket supports as a part of the lower casing half. Renewable bronze casing rings are doweled and shouldered in the casing.

The double suction impeller is a single, cast bronze piece. Dynamic balancing gives the impeller vibration-free hydraulic and mechanical performance. The balancing also provides longer bearing and mechanical seal life. Keyed to the shaft with a stainless steel key, the impeller aligns axially with threaded shaft sleeves. Grooved impeller skirts (in combination with casing rings) extend the life of critical clearances and increase the meantime between preventative maintenance (MTBPM).


Peerless horizontal split case pumps are typically used in these applications:

  • Air-conditioning/heating systems
  • Public water supply
  • Cooling systems
  • District cooling/heating plants
  • Process cooling


AE Specifications  
Capacities:Over 8,000 gpm (1817 m3/hr) 
Head:Up to 675 feet (206 meters) 
Pressure:Up to 510 psi (35 kg/cm2, 3,514 kPa) 
Horsepower:Up to 550 hp (410 kW) 
Temperature:Up to 250°F (121°C) 
Drives:Electric motors, diesel engines, steam turbines, combinations. 
Liquids:Water and clear liquids. 
Materials:Cast iron, bronze fitted as standard. Stainless steel and duplex are available for certain models. 






Horizontal split case single stage double suction pumps

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Horizontal split case single stage double suction pumps


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