Polish housing society breaks with tradition



The Situation
In 2002, the Pojezierze Housing Society decided to upgrade the heating system that served its 160 apartment blocks in Poland. This project included pipelines with a total length of 14.8 km, and an installation with 128 substations.

The Pojezierze Housing Society built the largest independent power plant in Poland, and was the fi rst organisation to challenge the monopoly traditionally held by the Polish heating companies.
Grundfos won the contract for providing equipment for domestic hot water recirculation and central heating pumps.

The Grundfos Solution
The Pojezierze Housing Society considered the three greatest strengths of Grundfos products to be:

  • state-of-the art technology
  • innovative solutions
  • energy-efficient equipment

The result of negotiations was that Grundfos installed no fewer than 276 pump units in all, 54 of which were MAGNA units, including MAGNA UPE 32-120, MAGNA UPE 40-120 and MAGNA UPE 50-60 models, supplementing Grundfos UPE Series 2000 and TPE Series 1000.

The Outcome
“This Grundfos installation provides our tenants with an extremely reliable supply of heat. We get virtually no complaints about central heating and domestic hot water compared with previous years,” says Mr Andrzej Gregorczyk, technical manager of the Pojezierze Housing Society. In the first year of operation, energy losses in connection with the modernised power plant amounted to only 5.2%, compared with more than 15% with the previous installation.

Heat savings resulting from the modern installation, the fully automated substations and the installation of speed-controlled pumps exceed 14%.
“When we invested in an independent heating system, we expected a return on investment within five years,” says Mr Gregorczyk. “The Grundfos MAGNA pumps, however, have proved very successful after just one year. Heat supplies are definitely more reliable, and these new Grundfos heating and IT systems open up new opportunities for development and financial prosperity,” he adds.

“The Grundfos MAGNA pumps have performed extremely well for six months now, and have provided us with both energy savings and reduced costs,” says Mr Zenon Procyk, President of the Board of Directors.


Grundfos MAGNA pumps installed in the Pojezierze Housing Society.


Apartment blocks in Poland


The Pojezierze Housing Society


Grundfos MAGNA
Grundfos MAGNA pumps installed in the Pojezierze Housing Society.


Grundfos MAGNA
Grundfos MAGNA -intelligent speed-controlled pumps.

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.