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Water engineering and specialist sports-turf contractor, MJ Abbot Limited used Grundfos’ new data communication interface when upgrading the sprinkler irrigation system at an exclusive golf links in Northern Ireland. To manage water usage, the club uses the popular TORO SitePro® central control system, which has a standard feature allowing direct integration with pumping systems. However, the integration process could be troublesome at best.

To change this fact, we have developed a communication interface especially for Grundfos pumping systems, and we provide the tools for trouble-free integration with TORO SitePro. This made it a piece of cake for the contractor to set up the link between the control system and the pump station without further assistance from Grundfos.


Straightforward system integration
With the new Grundfos CIU communication interface and Grundfos PC Tool link, the greenkeeper gets direct and immediate connection between TORO SitePro® and the Grundfos pump stations on the course. In the specific case, Grundfos Hydro MPC with Grundfos CUE frequency converters and CR pumps provide a flexible and efficient supply of water to the TORO sprinkler system.

According to MJ Abbott’s Technical Director Adrian Abbott, installation of hardware and software was completed in just an hour once the cable had been installed between the pump station and the irrigation PC. For the greenkeeper, operation of the irrigation system was greatly enhanced by real-time communication with the pump station, enabling remote monitoring of pressure, flow and status information.
To take full advantage of all the features, the contractors found it a simple matter to configure the Toro SitePro® software with responses to the real-time alarms provided from the pump station.


“The installation information and the integration service software are clear and easy to use.”
Technical Director Adrian Abbott, MJ Abbot Limited.


Grundfos CIM/CIU A standard communication interface between fieldbus networks and Grundfos pumping systems.


Northern Ireland



More about Grundfos communication interfaces

The new interface extends Grundfos’ offering of fully integrated turn-key systems pre-programmed for compliance with all major SCADA systems. The interface module can be installed as an internal add-on or as a wall-mounted unit where internal connection is not supported.

  • GrundfosCIU–Wall-mounted/DIN-railunit
  • GrundfosCIM–Built-inmodulefor11-22kWGrundfosE-pumps
  • Supportedprotocols:LON,Profibus,Modbus,GENIbus,BACnet,GSM/GPRS
  • Standardfunctionalprofilesensureinteroperabilitywithotherdevices


Grundfos CIM/CIU
Grundfos CIM/CIU A standard commu-nication interface between fieldbus networks and Grundfos pumping systems.

Straightforward set-up

For the team at MJ Abbott Limited, it was a piece of cake to set up the new Grundfos interface using the purpose-made Toro-Grundfos Integration Service.
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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.