Forward thinking wins prestigious contract in China



Shenzhen, China: Located in the southern tip of Guangdong province, Shenzhen is the only mainland city that borders on Hong Kong. The city boasts a population of 10 million under its jurisdiction – or about 32 times as many as there lived there 25 years ago, when it was founded and designated as China’s first special economic zone (SEZ).

In response to the booming business and population, The City Crossing, a large-scale urban commercial project, was initiated in 2002. The massive project located in Shenzhen’s financial and business centre covers an area of around 80,000 square meters and offers a total floor area of 480,000 square meters. The complex comprises office blocks, a shopping and entertainment centre, and a fivestar hotel. City Crossing will become a modern landmark in Shenzhen, offering a beautiful site, a centre for community activities and the perfect place for social gatherings.

The Situation
The first phase of the Shenzhen urban commercial project comprised air-conditioning for a 29-storey office tower and 180,000 m² shopping & entertainment centre. Prior to the actual bidding, the architect and contractor had defined the requirements and design of the system, leaving it to the pump manufacturers to present the most economical, innovative, and energy-efficient solution.

In competition with several other leading pump manufacturers, Grundfos approached the project to keep residents and shoppers in Shenzhen cool during the hot and unbearable humid summer months.

The Grundfos Solution

Having examined the original design and requirements, worked out by the architect and the contractor, it became clear to the Grundfos team that their bid for the project would have to break with conventions. Parts of the initial design simply weren’t compatible with the requirements.

In the tender, the Grundfos team presented two solutions: The first was conventional, following the original design and requirements. The second and more innovative solution was entirely based on the expertise of the Grundfos team. From the comparison included in the tender it was clear that the Grundfos solution was far more energy-efficient and the initial purchase price including piping and accessories, was considerably lower.

Even though choosing the Grundfos solution would mean changing parts of the original design, the investor, the architect and the contractor preferred the future-orientated Grundfos solution.

The Outcome
Only five months later Grundfos had supplied a total of 73 pumps and pump systems and 13 control panels for the project. The air-conditioning is running smoothly and relieving the people of Shenzhen from the heat and humidity during summer.

Not accepting the conditions presented to them as necessarily definitive, but going the extra mile to improve a solution, is a good example of Grundfos’ sense of responsibility. Not only did the Grundfos team come up with an innovative solution, they were also able to use their expertise and think ahead on behalf of the customer. By doing so, the customer got a better and more economical solution than initially requested. Consequently the customer is looking forward to working with Grundfos in the second phase of the project – a five-star hotel.


Forward thinking tender - Innovative and environmentally friendly solution - Substantial savings


Shenzhen, China




  • Forward thinking tender
  • Innovative and environmentally friendly solution
  • Substantial savings
NK long-coupled pump
The high efficiency of the NK long-coupled pump means low operating costs.


Hydro 2000 Booster System
The Hydro 2000 Booster Systems guarantee trouble-free operation and very high efficiency.

19 NK pumps
15 HS pumps
13 Control Panels

5 Hydro Booster Systems

8 SP pumps


Hydro 2000



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.