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Connecticut wholesaler test-drives new energy-saving circulator in his own ...
See how Danbury Plumbing saved money with the ALPHA.
Conserving Bahrain's water resources with Grundfos
Large-scale wastewater pumps from Grundfos help Bahrain conserve its water resources as efficiently as possible.
Constant pressure for machine tool
The Mayfran Company, with more than 1000 employees worldwide and production sites in the United States, Europe and Asia, is one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor and filtration systems for the metalworking industry.
CR 95 pumps increase efficiency and reduce downtime for chemical plant
For a growing chemical processing and distribution company that was experiencing downtime and costly repairs, Grundfos’ Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ — featuring the new CR 95 — offered the perfect solution.
CR paid for itself after two batches
Agrochemical manufacturer Albaugh Inc. is one of the largest producers of generic herbicide in the US. Albaugh Inc. annually produces some 20 mill. gallons of product around the clock. In their hot water filter wash application, the Missouri-based plant washes 40 batches on a typical day.
Customized solution for Switzerland’s largest shopping center
Einkaufszentrum Glatt is the largest independent shopping center in Switzerland, and is at the top of the Swiss league in terms of annual turnover (CHF 632.5 million in 2003). Covering more than 43,000 m2, this complex features two department stores, four specialised retail stores, fi ve restaurants, four bars and 90 specialty shops, with parking space for 4,750 cars. The shopping center employs approximately 1,250 people and was visited by 6,925 million customers in 2003.
Cutting the cost of district heating
Göteborg Energi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Göteborg Kommunala Förvaltnings AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company provides district heating, cooling, natural gas, energy services, an optical fibre network and an electricity supply network. The Göteborg Energi district heating network extends over a length of 700 km, and provides heating for more than 90% of all the apartment blocks in Gothenburg.
DDA-FCM gives candy maker new flexibility
For years, Chocotech of Wernigerode, Germany, has relied on the DDA-FCM to dose colour, flavour and acid in its candy production equipment. The impressive dosing volume range of the DDA-FCM enables it to seamlessly handle changing production requirements. One pump type can cover almost all of Chocotech's needs, giving the company significant savings on spare parts, and the digital dosing solution boosts Chocotech's reputation for innovation.
Dosing accuracy confirmed in university study
An independent university study backs up the claims made by Grundfos regarding the dosing accuracy of the DDA-FCM. When testing with water, the deviation between set point and actual value is less than one percent at a flow rate higher than 50 ml/h; similar impressive results have been confirmed for chlorine bleach. The conclusion is clear: the SMART Digital DDA-FCM is far superior to conventional dosing pumps in terms of accuracy and precision.
Dressing producer prepares for expansions
Danish company Graasten Salater A/S was established in 1947 and has since then produced a variety of food dressings at its headquarters in Graasten, southern Jutland. The wide range of dressings are distributed and marketed primarily in Denmark. However, export to nearby markets is being developed.