Pumping Solutions for Data Centers

Pumping Solutions for Data Centers

Efficient Pumping Solutions Designed for You

Reliable cooling solutions are necessary to keeping your data center up and running. But you also need efficiency. Grundfos has developed a range of pumping solutions that can be used individually or as a system; all providing the reliability, flexibility, efficiency, as well as easy installation and maintenance — because downtime is not an option for you.

Grundfos pumps are designed to give you peace of mind and help you optimize system performance, which is why they include:


  • Up to 10% reduction in energy costs over NEMA Premium
  • Up to 1 ton less CO2 produced annually (per 4 HP)
  • Up to 35% reduction in energy costs when integrated with VFD


  • Performance data collection for temperature, flow and pressure from the pump
  • Continuous system optimization  
  • Predict maintenance needs, and avoid downtime, based on historical data


  • Flexibility to use existing controls, or override
  • Controls designed with years of pump algorithm data pre-loaded
    for easy start-up and optimized pumping performance


  • Dielectric fluid compatible
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance

*Available up to 15 HP.



Compact circulator delivering energy efficient operation due to the permanent magnet motor, and three available control modes.

Flow: max. 2.2 gpm (0.5 m3/h)  

Head: max. 3.9 ft (1.2 m)

Liquid temperature: 36 °F to 203 °F
(2.2 °C to 95 °C)



Intelligent and compact pumping system includes a self-adjusting set point, built-in energy heat meter, and optional CIM card for easy BMS integration. With the Grundfos GO app, you can adjust pump performance and easily access performance data to optimize your system.

Optional dual head, 2-in-1 pump configuration for built-in redundancy.

Flow: max. 484 gpm (110 m3/h)*

Head: max. 60 ft (18 m)*

Liquid temperature: 14 °F to 230 °F
(-10 °C to 110 °C)

*Single and dual head models.


TPE3 and TPE3D

The smartest and most efficient in-line pump designed for easy installation and maintenance. With the flow-limiting function there’s no need for a pump balancing valve, and get more data without the hassle with integrated temperature and pressure sensors. The pump continuously collects and logs performance data, providing complete visibility and actionable data to optimize your system. Use alone or as a system; wireless technology allows you to connect up to four TPE3 pumps that can be controlled jointly using cascade mode without the need of an additional controller.

Optional dual head, 2-in-1 pump configuration for built-in redundancy.

Flow: max. 500 gpm (114 m3/h)*

Head: max. 80 ft (24 m)*

Liquid temperature: -13 °F to 248 °F 
(-25 °C to 120 °C)

*Single and dual head models.



The newly expanded range of the field-tested CR pump includes an improved design that decreases the wear on seals and bearings and improves efficiency by 6–11 points. And decrease planned downtime with quicker cartridge seal replacements, since there's no need to remove the motor.

Flow: max. 1,060 gpm (241 m3/h)

Head: max. 1,000 ft (305 m)

Liquid temperature: -40 °F to 248 °F
(-40 °C to 120 °C)



This compact, close-coupled design, is 35% smaller than traditional frame-mounted pumps; and speeds up installation because you don’t need a baseplate, grouting or laser alignment. Plus, it comes with a lifetime alignment guarantee, extending the pump's operational life and decreasing planned and unplanned maintenance time.

Flow: max. 1,900 gpm (432 m3/h)

Head: max. 380 ft (116 m)

Liquid temperature: 10 °F to 275 °F
(-12.2 °C to 135 °C)



The split-coupled, split case, vertically mounted frame offers a compact footprint, along with easy installation and maintenance — access to seal and internal components without the need to remove the motor or align. The double volute design balances radial loads and reduces vibration, while extending the life of wear rings, shaft seals, and bearings. And the liquid cooled sleeve bearing design, also adds to increased pump life and uptime.

Flow: max. 13,000 gpm (2,953 m3/h)

Head: max. 420 ft (128 m)

Liquid temperature: -20 °F to 275 °F
(-29 °C to 135 °C)



Expandable, two to six CR/CRE pump conŸfiguration is a pre-packaged, pre-wired, pre-tested and pre-commissioned for an easy and reliable plug-and-pump installation. It includes built-in redundancy and monitoring settings, along with data logging capabilities and multi-sensor zone control.

Flow range (2-6 pumps): max. 6,000 gpm (1,363 m3/h)

Head: max. 1,000 ft (305 m)

Liquid temperature: 32 °F to 180 °F
(0 °C to 82 °C)

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