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Failure isn't an option for mission critical...

Your data center keeps the world moving and business running smoothly. But today, you face challenges of rapid market growth and increased scrutiny of your CAPEX and OPEX budgets, PUE, WUE and CUE.

Speed, efficiency, and flexibility are critical as you move forward, and finding the right cooling solutions that help you meet these demands can be challenging.

That's why more data centers turn to Grundfos — the world's largest and most reliable pumping manufacturer 

As a leading global, single-source supplier of HVAC solutions, Grundfos can help you meet the efficiency and reliability needs data centers demand. We develop all the components in our intelligent and efficient pumping systems, including motors, VFDs, controls, and accessories. All these give you the flexibility to use a single component, individual pump, or a complete pre-fabricated skid solution. If nothing fits your exact need, we can customize one of our existing solutions or leverage our extensive expertise to engineer something new.

Today we are located in 56 countries, and through our network of partners, distributors and authorized service centers we are present in many more. So, no matter where your data center is located, count on Grundfos to deliver.


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Located in more than 56 countries, we have the largest global footprint of any pumping systems manufacturer. 

Explore Grundfos IT Cooling Solutions

Reliable cooling solutions are a necessary for keeping your data center up and running. Grundfos understands the challenges your mission critical operation faces, that's why we developed a range of solutions that can be used individually or as a system. Our pumps and sensors provide better reliability, flexibility, efficiency, as well as easy installation and maintenance – because downtime isn’t an option for you.

Pumping Solutions

Pumping Solutions

When it comes to moving liquid, no one does it more efficiently than Grundfos. We have developed a range of flexible, pumping solutions that can be used individually or as a system.

Sensor Solutions

Sensor Solutions

Mission critical data centers have depended on Grundfos Direct Sensors™ for over 10 years to provide accurate pressure, flow and temperature measurements.

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Our intelligent pump systems are optimizing the way all components work together as one system; pumps, drives and controllers, along with protection, measurement, and communication units.

Optimize your chilled water system

Demand is high on your cooling system, which is why you look for every opportunity to improve overall efficiency. And you can see the best return by optimizing your chilled water system.

It all starts with the right hydronic configuration and equipment to meet your demand. When hydronic cooling is applied to your HVAC system you will see a significant decrease in PUE and ongoing electricity bills. But you can also use it on a smaller scale, to be more agile and responsive to cooling challenges as they arise on the server side.

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Pumps are our business. Every day, our energy efficient pumps provide cooling solutions for data centers worldwide, along with delivering building comfort, providing drinking water, removing wastewater, helping farmers water crops, and so much more.

We set the standard, and keep raising the bar when it comes to energy efficiency and protecting the environment. Since 1945 we have honed our skills to produce the best pumps. Pumps which can move liquid to where it needs to go – using as little energy as possible – making a real difference for the world we all live in.