Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2018
We are Grundfos

We are Grundfos

Our journey began in 1945, when our founder, Poul Due Jensen, supplied a neighbouring farmer with an automatic pump system. The company expanded and has since become one of the world’s leading providers of pump solutions with annual production standing at more than 17 million units.

Letter from CEO

Letter from CEO

We believe an open economic system is the only way to a low-carbon, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive future. At the same time, we acknowledge that ‘business as usual’ is no longer enough.

Our path towards the SDGs

Material areas

The progress report is organised according to the main ways that we target responsibility: Green at heart, passionate about water, responsible, ethics and integrity.

Green at Heart

Green at heart

We offer solutions that use as little energy as possible and take an iterative approach to integrating sustainability into our business, making tangible improvements year-on-year. 

This chapter is divided into three topics: Energy-efficient products and solutions, product life cycle, and environmental footprint.

Passionate about Water

Passionate about water

We believe our technology offers viable solutions that can be installed across the globe, giving people safe and reliable access to readily available sources of drinking water.

This chapter is split into the two topics: Water for all, with sub-sections Water2Life and Lifelink; and Partnerships for water.



Our employees are at the heart of everything we do; the engine that keeps the company running. Our social sustainability initiatives aim to make a difference for wider society too.

This chapter is divided into: Occupational health and safety, learning and development, employee satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, and local communities.                                                                                            


Ethics and integrity

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. We are deeply committed to being an ethical organisation from the top down and live up to our responsible to respect human rights wherever possible. 

This chapter has sections on legal compliance, human rights & forced labour and sustainable supply chain. 

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The Sustainability Report 2018 combined with Grundfos’ Annual Report 2018 constitutes Grundfos’ Communication on Progress (COP) under the UN Global Compact and CEO Water Mandate Report.The combined report ensures compliance with the requirements of Section 99 a & b of the Danish Financial Statements Act (Årsregnskabsloven) on corporate social responsibility and reporting on the gender composition of management.

This website serves to provide highlights to the Grundfos Sustainability Report 2018 and is not the report. To view the Sustainability Report 2018, click here.