Our path to the SDGs

Our path to the SDGs

Water has been our business and our passion for more than 70 years. UN sustainable development goal number 6 - clean water and sanitation for all - is at the heart of what we do, both as a business and a corporate citizen. As much as we believe in contributing our knowledge, we also believe in partnerships and cooperation. Together we can accomplish more.

SDG6 is a natural choice for us, just as our membership of the UN Global Compact principles has been for 15 years. 

Mads Nipper

"The UN has set 17 very ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 15 of these 17 goals relate directly or indirectly to water. I am placing particular significance on goal 6, that relates to access to clean water and sanitation for everyone. We and our technology can make a real difference to the world in this area. We are - in my clear opinion - an SDG 6 company.

Our knowledge and water technology can move the world in a positive direction. By purifying surface water for drinking. By making water available in refugee communities. And by moving water energy efficiently, so that we take care of the globe while doing so. We are making a difference because we can."


Mads Nipper, Group President & CEO.

Material issues

Grundfos reworked the SDGs into 10 thematic areas of potential material importance to our business. We then asked a range of stakeholders to rank the 10 areas. It showed our collective commitment across sustainability issues and in particular to water access, energy efficiency, water management, a safe and inclusive workforce and human rights. 

Starting out with SDG 6 as the backbone of our commitment, we mapped the SDGs across our four means of change to define those most material to us, in terms of impact and opportunity:

  1. Sustainability is our business. Our goal is to minimise our environmental footprint through innovative and energy efficient products, solutions and business models. We impact some SDGs more than others, but we indirectly work with all the SDGs through our customers.
  2. Water is our passion​. Water is what we do best and we bring that expertise to our business and global commitments every day. We have identified four key SDGs in this area.
  3. Social responsibility is our commitment. We set our heart on making a positive difference by going the extra mile for our employees and the local communities we operate in. We identified four SDGs of importance to us in this area.
  4. Ethics and integrity are our foundation​. As a global company, we need a shared set of values and principles for good and ethical business conduct– and our work in this area impacts at least seven of the SDGs.

We now embark on a journey to understand how we can link SDG market opportunities to our business strengths​​. We see the SDGs as a business driver that supports our vision to be a value-based, sustainable company. We mapped the SDGs across our four means of change to define those most material to us, in terms of impact and opportunity:​

four means of change_SDGs