The SDGs: Water and energy

Mads Nipper, Grundfos CEO
Mads Nipper, Group President & CEO

We are an SDG 6 company

"The UN has set 17 very ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 15 of these 17 goals relate directly or indirectly to water. I am placing particular significance on goal 6, that relates to access to clean water and sanitation for everyone. We and our technology can make a real difference to the world in this area. We are - in my clear opinion - a SDG 6 company.

Our knowledge and water technology can move the world in a positive direction. By purifying surface water for drinking. By making water available in refugee communities. And by moving water energy efficiently, so that we take care of the globe while doing so. We are making a difference because we can."

Mads Nipper, Group President & CEO

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Our 2020 and 2025 targets

  • 25% of leadership posts filled by women
  • 15% of seats in Extended Leadership Team (ELT) filled by women
  • Have at least 2 women directors in the 6 non-employee elected seats in the Grundfos Holding A/S board
  • Supply 2 million people with clean water, in partnership with World Vision
  • 3% of our workforce to include employees with reduced work capacity
  • Reduce water consumption by 50%, compared to the 2008 level
  • Not to exceed to carbon emissions level of 2008

Our path to the Sustainable Development Goals

Grundfos recognises the business potential in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) also known as the Global Goals, and the need to identify and develop solutions to scale.

Sustainability is in our DNA; we’ve always supported our customers with a portfolio of sustainable products and solutions. Anchoring our strategy to the SDGs was a natural continuation of our heritage and working with them is an ongoing process. 

We are proud to offer customers some of the world’s most energy-efficient, durable water solutions. Water handling in all its forms is what we do best; providing customers with this expertise is where our reach into the world goes widest and deepest. That is why, from the beginning, we have made SDG #6 the backbone of our effort. We constantly work to integrate this goal into our organisation as a framework of opportunity for our business – as the meeting point between doing well as a business and actively seeking to do good for society at large. This is the first step in opening the business to the range of opportunities that the SDGs represent. We want an organisation of engaged people, who spot the business opportunities of positive change. 

Four priority SDGs within each of our strategic impact areas towards 2020

Priority topics and strategic impact areas

In 2016, we mapped how the SDGs affect different parts of our business and this year we completed a gap analysis. Combining these two results provided us with an overview of opportunities, impact and gaps in an SDG framework. It lead to the identification of priority SDGs within each of our strategic impact areas towards 2020: 

  • Green at heart. A focus on SDG #13 and providing energy-efficient solutions. 
  • Passionate about water. Here we focus on SDG #6 and providing sustainable water solutions to existing and future customers. 
  • Responsible, with a focus on SDG #8. 
  • Ethics and integrity, with a focus on SDG #16. We have also started reporting on these core SDGs. 


The SDGs are a unique way of outlining opportunities for the private sector and helping it to have a positive impact on society when doing business. At the same time, it is important to note that they do not stand alone; life-cycle assessments, sustainable product design, the UN’s guiding principles and other frameworks and methods are all part of a comprehensive approach to sustainability.


Why the SDGs matter

A child dies from a water-related disease every 90 seconds is just one reason why the SDGs matter. Turning around a global crisis takes global effort. We believe it is a collective responsibility and we want to be part of the solution.


Grundfos' solutions to solving the water challenge

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