Walking for Safe, Sustainable Water Solutions


Walking for Safe, Sustainable Water Solutions

Grundfos sponsors a series of events beginning this month to provide clean water to those without.

Later this month, Grundfos and Water Missions International will kick off a series of walks to spread awareness about the global water crisis and raise money to provide safe water for people in need.

On March 24, several Grundfos employees will join Water Missions International for its flagship Walk for Water event. Participants will walk 3.5 miles, the distance that millions of people must walk each day to collect drinking water – often from a contaminated source. Walkers are encouraged to start the event with a water bucket, fill it with water at the halfway point and carry it to the finish.

At the end of the walk, participants will have the opportunity to see for themselves how the Living Water™ Treatment System operates. The system is Water Missions International’s most common solution for many communities, and it features Grundfos’ unique pump technology. Each LWTS™ is capable of purifying more than 10,000 gallons of water each day – enough for 3,000 to 5,000 people daily.

This year Grundfos will be hosting Walk for Water events across North America. Beginning in June 2012, walks will be held in Kansas City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Houston and Fresno, Calif. In addition to employee participation, we will invite partners, distributors and the wider community to join us. The goal of each event is to raise enough support that each walk will fund an entire community development project, which includes health and hygiene training as well as other support in addition to the safe water solution.

In October, HR generalist Kim McClellan and project manager Tomas Dobrovolskis took part in a Walk for Water in Aurora, Ill., an experience that served as a model for the Grundfos walks launching nationwide this year.

McClellan said the point of the exercise was to experience the hardships 884 million people with no access to clean water go through every day.

“Although we can never say we have walked a day in their shoes,” McClellan said, “it is painful to think about what they are faced with on a daily basis after experiencing the Walk for Water with Water Missions International.”

For Dobrovolskis, the experience of carrying buckets of water for miles provided a new appreciation for the water he uses.

“Now when I turn on the faucet I can't help but think about the struggles that people are facing around the world to get clean water,” Dobrovolskis said. “The sore shoulders the next day reminded me that carrying a large bucket of water for five miles is no easy task for an adult and especially a child.”

Because Grundfos’ values align with those of Water Missions International, the partnership is a perfect fit. As a leader in the water industry, it makes sense for Grundfos to play an important role in providing clean water to those in need. Through the Walk for Water initiative, Grundfos is taking an active role in the surrounding communities, as well as those far away.