Renowned Architect Sees Great Future for Grundfos


Renowned Architect Sees Great Future for Grundfos

Architect John Picard is a green prophet, running a company that implements projects related to innovation, sustainability and the environment for international corporations.

On Oct. 25, he shared his energy and enthusiasm with a keenly attentive group of Grundfos staff at The Poul Due Jensen Academy.

He spoke about how he was responsible for the construction of the three most expensive buildings in the world in his capacity as an architect. About how he changed his outlook when he looked down from a flight and saw our Earth as a vulnerable planet. And about how he has realized since then that man must learn from nature. About how we must maintain harmony with nature in what we produce.

"There is no waste in nature," he said, reassuring the assembled audience that the world was undergoing change rather than suffering problems.

And in Picard's opinion, Grundfos may have an important part to play in the process of renewal because even though energy is extremely important, the future will see an increased focus on water resources.

Grundfos' Role

John Picard explained that he had read and heard a lot about Grundfos. In his view, Grundfos has everything needed to become the water company of the future - a company that will not only produce pumps, but also transfer life-giving power. A company that may perhaps achieve a unique position in establishing the world's first data network about water.

He offered his assistance with this change process.

"I am a friend of Grundfos. A partner of Grundfos," he said, emphasizing that he, as an individual, is able to bring about development through valuable contacts.

Picard Loves BioBooster

Over and over again, John Picard returned to the BioBooster as a completely unique concept that Grundfos ought to hold onto and continue working with at any price.

"BioBooster is the future of Grundfos - Grundfos’ iPhone," he said, basing his statement on his prediction that, in future, water will be produced in the places where it is to be used.

The BioBooster can also help to make wastewater usable in places where it is needed; for irrigation, for example.

"Because in the future, green areas and roof terraces will not just be for decoration. They will also be used as kitchen gardens for producing food," he explained.

More than a Consultant

After his lecture, John Picard answered the question of precisely what he could do for Grundfos.

"I think I can introduce Grundfos to the major international corporations where I have contacts," he said, expecting this to result in Grundfos coming to be regarded as one of the biggest cleantech companies in the world. "Do not underestimate your own importance, and how you can influence the use of water in the world."

John Picard's visit to Grundfos in Bjerringbro was arranged by Henrik Skov Laursen, department head of the Grundfos Water Technology Center in Fresno, Calif. He described Picard as a unique personality and a resource that Grundfos could use for both business development and in connection with the innovation platform Zero Impact Commercial Building.

"He is more than just a consultant," Laursen said. "He can inspire us and create valuable contacts."

About John Picard

At the beginning of his professional career as an architect, John Picard constructed expensive homes for rich people. Later he turned his life around and began using his talents to predict and implement sustainable business solutions. During Bill Clinton's term as president, Picard provided his insight and practical energy solutions to help make the White House green. This led to the establishment of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which became one of the world's most influential non-profit organisations.

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