Grundfos and Water Missions: A Life-Giving Partnership


Grundfos and Water Missions: A Life-Giving Partnership

An editorial by Dennis Wierzbicki, president of Grundfos USA

Here at Grundfos, we believe that actions speak louder than words. We don’t just display our values in our facilities or on our website – we live them out in our day-to-day relationships with colleagues, customers and community members.

One incredible way we put our values into practice is through our annual Walk for Water events in support of Water Missions International, a non-profit engineering organization that provides sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas.

Our relationship with Water Missions makes sense in so many ways. They seek to deliver clean water to people in need; we’re in the business of moving water. They focus on remote areas around the world; we build products that use solar or wind power instead of electricity to pump water. They believe in the importance of making water treatment systems viable for years to come; our LIFELINK technology features an innovative payment model that prevents the mismanagement of funds and finances system maintenance.

As a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology, we have a duty to give back to communities in need. I am proud that we have chosen to use our expertise in the water industry to help bring such a crucial natural resource to the developing world.

Our support of Water Missions is saving lives affected by the global water crisis. To learn more about how you can contribute to this important cause, visit the registration pages for either the Kansas City or Chicagoland Walk for Water.