At Grundfos, Sustainability is a Multi-Faceted Theme


At Grundfos, Sustainability is a Multi-Faceted Theme

Sustainability is a multidimensional theme for Grundfos.

In addition to pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet, Grundfos is committed to sustainability in its business practices, as well. While many companies focus on the short-term bottom line, Grundfos demonstrates its dedication to long-term goals by investing heavily in innovation. Some may find it hard to believe that the company historically spends more than twice as much as its nearest competitors on research and development. Yet it all stems from a fundamental belief within Grundfos that resting on its laurels is not an option. That’s why the company is confident that it will double its business in the next five years.

This philosophy of constant improvement extends to employee training. Even throughout the economic downturn, Grundfos remained devoted to equipping its employees with tools for personal success. Every employee has access to training in a plethora of subjects, including work-life balance, stress management, communications and writing skills. Although training is not a profit center, Grundfos realizes the importance of education in creating a sustainable workforce. Grundfos is a matrix organization. Through training, employees have the opportunity to move in every direction. Grundfos’ founder, Poul Due Jensen, was unable to finish his education because of limited funds, so he made employee education a priority. Grundfos employees have access to the Poul Due Jensen training academy at the Danish headquarters and its satellite academies all over the world, as well as to a talent development program that identifies and supports individuals with high potential. For those who pursue educational opportunities outside the company, Grundfos’ Continuing Education Program reimburses the tuition for an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Providing opportunities for self-improvement is key to workforce sustainability and, at Grundfos, it doesn’t stop with education. The company also incentivizes community service and health habits. Grundfos In Giving is an employee-led team dedicated to helping colleagues use their time, talents and resources to serve the community and the environment. The team recently spearheaded the Grundfos Walk for Water, an educational event that raises funds for safe, sustainable water systems in the developing world, and puts participants in the shoes of villagers who walk four miles each day to draw water from contaminated sources. Grundfos also supports Challenge Air, an organization that provides flight experiences for special needs children. Its purpose is to improve the children’s confidence and give them a unique experience with their family members. Grundfos gives each employee 16 paid hours per year to volunteer in the projects that interest them personally.

Employees also have the chance to benefit from numerous health and wellness offerings – employer paid medical insurance, healthcare flexible spending, prescription drug coverage and dental and vision care just to name a few. In addition to an exercise room in the facilities, Grundfos employees receive discounted gym membership, as well as access to sports leagues and recreational groups. Employee health and wellness is vital to a workforce that remains content in the long term.

Thanks largely to its commitment to sustainable business practices, which include a dedication to innovation and a hearty investment in its employees, Grundfos is now approaching its 70th birthday and expects to have many more.