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Sustainable business builds a better world
Businesses, politicians and organizations must cooperate closely if we are to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Sound business models are important tools to succeed. Also when it comes to water for all. Grundfos plays a part.
The waterworks of the future is out in the open
In the scenic surroundings of Truelsbjerg, Aarhus, the construction of what might be the most groundbreaking waterworks in Europe is complete. Both water production, guarantee of supply, design and architecture are state of the art, and Grundfos pumps are a key part of the solution.
Water leaders team up to reach 2 million people
Grundfos is joining forces with the largest nongovernmental organization providing clean water for people in sub-Saharan Africa.
Sustainable motor becomes crowdpleaser in Germany
At a large tradefair in Germany, the new MGE motor from Grundfos became the center of attention.
Grundfos solution prevents flooding in Pasadena, Texas
A pumping station with axial-flow submersible pumps in Pasadena, Texas, USA prevents flooding from blocking hurricane evacuation routes near Gulf Coast.
Grundfos LIFELINK’s sustainable solution honoured at Rio+20
Grundfos is proud to announce that Grundfos LIFELINK has been chosen for Sustainia 100, a prestigious list of sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental challenges, selected by a prominent board including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gro Harlem Brundtland.
Event Establishes Commitment to Commercial Buildings Segment
Grundfos staff from North America and beyond traveled to Houston March 6 and 7 for a deep look into the company’s Commercial Buildings Services, or CBS.
Grundfos-Sponsored Event Opens Discussion on Water-Energy Nexus
Dwindling natural resources have raised concerns about the connection between water and energy, a link that experts call the “water-energy nexus.”
Changing Minds One Demonstration at a Time
Distributor’s sales strategy allows Grundfos SL Pump to break into Flygt-dominated market.
What do pumps and your mobile phone have in common?
A combination of foresight and great sales work has brought pumps and mobile telephones closer together.