Production Engineer

Job family - Job cluster - Job role - Band level

Job family: Manufacturing
Job cluster: Manufacturing Engineering
Job role: Production Engineer
Band level: 09

Purpose of job

Apply subject matter knowledge and demonstrate technical/business insight. Work within a unit and/or across functional areas with limited supervision.

Key Activities

- Control production activities, material flow and inventory to achieve cost and quality targets and production schedules of the assigned production line(s) and ensure compliance with standards.
- Responsible for managing and supervising production technicians and supervisors.

Critical knowledge and experience

Industry, market and business environment
- Experience driving developed processes within Manufacturing Engineering.
- Ability to lead processes or projects.
- Ability to lead a business process within Manufacturing Engineering.
- Most likely to have 3-4 years of relevant work experience before entering level besides formal education.

Technical, functional and professional
- Solid knowledge of the plans, processes and activities within the functional area in Manufacturing Engineering.
- Strong ability influence others.
- Possess a great understanding of the relevant systems, local laws and regulations where applicable, for the area Manufacturing Engineering.

Collaboration partners

- D&E
- Production regions
- R&T

Preferrred education

Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience

Grundfos Key Behaviors

B_Grundfos behavior - Accountability

B_Grundfos behavior - Collaboration

B_Grundfos behavior - Customer Centricity


B_Grundfos behavior - Accountability

B_Grundfos behavior - Collaboration

B_Grundfos behavior - Customer Centricity


C_Applying Expertise and Technology

C_Following Instructions and Procedures

C_Planning and Organising

C_Working with People


S_English Proficiency

Talent profile

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