Test Engineer (2nd shift)

General Summary:

The Test Lab Operations Engineer is responsible for the following aspects of the Test Lab in accordance with OSHA Regulations, applicable Hydraulic Institute standards, YCC Policies, and ISO procedures.


  • Systems - LabVIEW, data acquisition, instrumentation, power supply, cables, pipe, valves & fittings, wet-well, etc.


  • Operations – production scheduling, determination of test requirements, development of test protocols, equipment test configuration design, selection of instrumentation, system set-up, test equipment cataloging and inventory management, and testing.


  • Data Management - accumulation, manipulation, evaluation/interpretation, curve & data reports, certification, archiving, test trouble-shooting, comparison and trending of test data to published data, and corrective action necessary to maintain the integrity of published and certified (test) data.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. In cooperation with the Engineering Manager, establish, maintain KPI’s, test guidelines, policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and consistency of the work within the department.


  1. Conduct operations in accordance with all regulatory and listing agency requirements (i.e. OSHA, FM, etc.)


  1. Well-maintained and reliable test lab systems.


  1. Carefully planned and executed operations that ensure unconstrained activities and on-time delivery.


  1. Detailed attention to the accumulation and archival of high-quality data that provides a solid foundation for future engineering evaluations and decisions.


  1. Identify and source materials need to ensure proper systems, operations and data management.


  1. Review and interpret order performance requirements, customer specifications, and HI standards, as required to develop test protocols, design equipment configurations, select instrumentation, and certify the tested data complies with customer expectations.


  1. Collaborate with Engineering, Sales, Project Management, Test Floor/Shop and Customers to ensure the on-time execution of all work.


  1. Direct Test Floor personnel during the set-up and operation of a test.


  1. Perform equipment tests.


  1. Coordinate the logistics of incorporating customer equipment into a test system, including the use of sub-contractors.


  1. Evaluate test results according to Hydraulic Institute acceptance criteria, published performance data, and customer specifications. When necessary provide rework dispositions to meet the customer’s requirements.


  1. Limit customer requests to the scope of the approved Contract.  Contact Sales or Project Management to negotiate all test requirements that are beyond our agreed upon Scope of Supply.


  1. Utilize the LabVIEW data acquisition computer to acquire data, and Excel-based data reduction methods to analyze results and prepare Certified Performance Data packages for submission to the Customer.


  1. Host those who witness the testing of their equipment.


  1. Maintain accurate records and systematic file management system for all test data, instrumentation calibrations, engineering records, test facility upgrades, and tools.


  1. Engage in continuous improvement activities.  Optimize efforts to achieve deliverables and maximize profit.


  1. Maintain a “state of the art” level of competency by attending training.


  1. Exemplify the Grundfos “Values” in all activities and conversations.


  1. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.


Education and Experience:

Preferred degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or Engineering Technology.  Experience in a manufacturing facility related to lab operations is a plus.  Experience in a production environment is a plus.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to foster teamwork and bring people to consensus.
  2. Proficiency in planning, organizing, and task management is a must.
  3. Assertiveness and diplomacy.  Motivated to succeed.
  4. Ability to articulate oneself clearly both verbally and in writing.
  5. Understanding of lab equipment and instrumentation; Use of basic shop tools and measuring instruments.
  6. Proficiency in the use of Excel
  7. Fluent at reading, speaking, and writing English, including technical vocabulary.
  8. Awareness of Lean Enterprise, ISO, and safety systems.


**Training is available for the skills listed below**


  1. Strong knowledge of engineering principals including fundamentals of fluid mechanics, pump performance curve development, system design, and factory processes. 
  2. Proficiency in the use of Solidworks/EPDM. 
  3. Proficiency in the programming of LabView. 
  4. Knowledge of Hydraulic Institute and ISO standards. 
  5. Proficiency in the use of personal computers (e-mail, Microsoft Office, etc.).
  6. Knowledge of SAP and ISO 9001. 



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