Water conservation in India

Reduction on water consumption

Grundfos India has launched the initiative “Reduction of Water Consumption” with the aim of monitoring and reducing the consumption of the water inside the company. This is done by identifying the possible areas where the consumption of water can be reduced, followed by co-projects based on both new and existing technologies which allows Grundfos India to recycle water.

The project helps ensure environmental sustainability by reducing Grundfos India’s own water footprint.

One project – three focus areas

This water project at Grundfos India, encompasses many focus areas, one being to harvest rainwater, and drain it properly into the ground. This increases the level of the ground water contribution to water conservation.

The second focus area is closely related as it regards reducing water usage related to irrigation of gardens. A sewage treatment plant collects all the water and treats that water. The treated water is then used for garden irrigation through lawn sprinklers and a technique called drip irrigation. Lawn sprinklers help in effective usage of water, and the drip irrigation is used for trees instead of flooded irrigation. Drip irrigation keeps the soil around the tree wet all the time.

The third focus area regards the water usage at washrooms. Grundfos India has installed water efficient fittings in the washrooms, which consume less water than the ordinary fittings. To illustrate, optical sensors are used in the taps which provide water only if the hands are in front of the tap. Additionally, waterless urinals, which do not require water for flushing, are used.

Employees get involved

This widespread initiative has benefitted from employee involvement both in terms of suggestions for potential focus areas as well as during the actual implementation process. However, Grundfos India has also experienced challenges in relation to the project in the form of sporadic lack of funds to carry out all the projects.

Creating Shared Value

Through the project 'Reduction in Water Consumption', water consumption is continuously monitored and reduced. Thus, by setting an example for other companies and institutions inspiring to reduce water consumption, Grundfos increases the commitment towards environment and society and through this engaging our employees to get involved and help further an increased focus on the precious resources of today’s society.

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