Trade Mission to Mexico Opens Opportunities for Grundfos



Represented by Andrew Warrington and Cesar Mireles, Grundfos joined Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on a trade mission to Mexico.

CHICAGO —Grundfos participated in a trade mission to Mexico led by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn last week. The mission, which included water technology as a key focus, helped to open the Mexican market to Illinois companies like Grundfos that provides cutting-edge technologies for wastewater treatment, pumping and other crucial water applications.

“Mexico’s growing market for water technology represents an important opportunity for Grundfos,” said Andrew Warrington, president of Grundfos Chicago, who represented Grundfos as part of the governor’s delegation. “We have great technology that can help Mexico upgrade its infrastructure for the 21st century”.

Warrington and Cesar Mireles, president of Grundfos México, joined the trade delegation in meetings with officials from Mexico's National Water Commission and Mexico City Water Company, where they spoke about the importance of modernizing Mexico’s drinking water and treatment facilities.

“We were particularly keen to hear the top people in the Mexican water supply system state that Mexico deserves the best technology available,” Mireles said. “Of course, we in Grundfos completely agree with that.”

The delegation also discussed Governor Quinn’s recently proposed $1 billion Clean Water Initiative, which will overhaul that state's aging water infrastructure. Like many Illinois cities, Mexico City faces water infrastructure challenges like aging pipelines, overuse, contaminants and sink holes.

"Illinois will take full advantage of opportunities for water technology growth in Mexico while helping the country solve its clean water challenges," said Governor Quinn.

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