Jes Munk Hansen: Sustainable Cities


Jes Munk Hansen, president of Grundfos North America, was published in the Chicago Tribune's Voice of the People section on Saturday, Oct. 6.

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new plan for a sustainable Chicago is a step in the right direction. Sustainability has become an important factor when multinational corporations decide where to invest.

Sustainable cities are more livable and, therefore, attract a larger talent pool. They are also less prone to sudden infrastructure breakdowns and interruptions in the supply of vital resources.

Chicago has the potential to become the most sustainable city in America and a global hub for the sustainability industry. The Chicago region is especially interesting for European companies specializing in smart infrastructure. While European population growth is stalling, America is projected to add another 100 million people by 2050. This growing population is putting old infrastructure and key resources such as water under stress in many areas of the United States.

Chicago would do well to position itself as the natural gateway to America for international companies in the growing sustainability sector. European companies like Grundfos are increasingly investing in technology development in the United States in areas such as energy efficiency and water efficiency. These new technologies will help transform American infrastructure, cut costs for American consumers and create American jobs."

Read the letter in the Chicago Tribune.

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