Grundfos Showcases Commercial Buildings Services



Thinking Buildings event offers glimpse into latest innovations in pumps and sales tools

More than 100 representatives and distributors gathered in Houston March 8 to gain a thorough understanding of Grundfos’ Commercial Buildings Services, or CBS. The event focused on Grundfos’ intelligent, energy-efficient and low-maintenance products, as well as on the innovation and technology driving their development.

Dennis Wierzbicki, president of Grundfos Sales U.S., encouraged the attendees to give honest feedback of the company’s efforts in the commercial buildings segment.

“We want to open your eyes to where we’re going,” Wierzbicki said. “We want your input. Some of you are doing some dynamic, out-of-the-box thinking. Challenge us with opportunities you see.”

After a few short presentations, the representatives and distributors divided into smaller groups for a tour of knowledge stations, where Grundfos professionals explained the specific products or concepts that compose Commercial Buildings Services.

Because the distributors and representatives are closest to the customers, they offer important insight into the market. The knowledge stations allowed them to share this insight directly with the trainers, and gave them the opportunity to ask questions in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Business development manager Carsten Nørgaard, one of the event’s organizers, said he hoped the attendees would keep themselves busy in the upcoming months explaining what they have seen.

“I hope they have learned and appreciated that we have more to offer than what they’re used to dealing with,” Nørgaard said.

The event marked Grundfos’ first attempt to express its “one company” philosophy to external stakeholders. For the first time, attendees learned about Grundfos and its acquisitions as a whole rather than as separate parts and different brands.

“We have done this in many speeches,” Nørgaard said, “but this time we put it into action.”

The event received extremely positive feedback from both the trainers and the attendees. Clint Andrews, regional technical training manager, hosted one of the knowledge stations. He said that he noticed a trend in the feedback he received and that it would shape his future activities concerning online training and literature.

Mike Shipe, sales engineer at BBC Pump and Equipment Company, Inc., arrived at the event with very little knowledge outside of Peerless’ products. He said he left with a sense of just how much Grundfos has to offer and an excitement about where the company was headed.

Another attendee was so impressed with Grundfos’ newest line of pumps, set for release in 2013, that he said he wished he were younger so he could sell the products for many more years.

With more than 100 participants, the event exceeded original attendance estimations by 40 to 50 percent. Rich Gussert, vice president of Grundfos Brookshire, was proud to host the event.

“It’s the biggest and most professional event we’ve had here,” Gussert said. “It was clearly on another level.”

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