Grundfos Purchases American Technology Company Enaqua



Acquisition will bring new expertise to Grundfos, the world’s largest pump manufacturer

Global pump manufacturer Grundfos today announced the acquisition of Enaqua, an American company specializing in the use of UV technology to disinfect water. The purchase marks a step toward Grundfos’ ambition of deriving one third of its future turnover from sources other than pump solutions and being a trendsetter in water technology.

“On the one hand, we will obtain unique competence and completely new technology as a strong supplement to our present business,” said Carsten Bjerg, CEO of the Grundfos Group. “In addition, we obtain new ‘muscles,’ which is an important achievement in our efforts to develop new and innovative solutions in the future. Not only pump solutions for transporting water, but also solutions concerning water treatment.”

He continued, “The new resources we are getting not only open up new business opportunities for Grundfos. They also help us contribute to alleviating the growing water problems worldwide.”

Peter Røpke, Grundfos Group Executive Vice President of Business Development, added, “For many years, Grundfos has proven that we are innovative as regards the development of new pump solutions. But we will also seek additional business opportunities relating to these applications, including water treatment. The partnership with Enaqua doubtlessly strengthens us. Most of all because, in the short view, we shall obtain new technology and competence which will, in the long view, enable us to deliver new solutions for water treatment with strengthened focus on sustainability.”

The partnership between Grundfos and Enaqua will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 5 at Enaqua Headquarters in San Diego, Calif. Enaqua will continue to be managed by Manoj Jhawar, who is in the second generation of the founder’s family.

“For a number of years, we have rejected several potential buyers, as we did not find the right match. But with Grundfos it is quite another story,” Jhawar said. “We share the opinion about future opportunities within water treatment, we have the same set of values and we are sure we complement each other in a way so that we can deliver new and improved solutions for water treatment.”


Enaqua was founded in 1985 under the name “Industrial Water Technology, Inc.” In 2003, the company changed its name to “Enaqua.” Its headquarters are located in San Diego.

Enaqua produces environmentally friendly water purification solutions based on UV disinfection and membrane separation technologies. Higher energy wavelengths of UV rays have the unique ability to destroy harmful microorganisms in water. UV light destroys these microorganisms by disrupting their genetic information (DNA), rendering them harmless and unable to reproduce. In 2006, the US Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of UV for disinfection. Enaqua’s UV disinfection solutions are designed to meet different disinfection needs in industrial or municipal facilities. The solutions with the largest capacity can disinfect up to 100 million gallons of water a day.

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