Grundfos Pumps unveils the MAGNA™ 32-100



The latest advancement adds another option to the growing line of variable speed wet rotor circulators from Grundfos Pumps.

OLATHE, Kan. — The new MAGNA variable-speed wet rotor circulator from Grundfos is powerful, reliable, intelligent, and energy-efficient.

The MAGNA with its permanent magnet motor design reduces power consumption by 50 percent or more. The unique patented AUTOADAPT™ feature controls pump performance automatically within defined performance range, ensuring lowest possible energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

It’s easy to install, simple to operate, and an excellent choice for replacement applications. With these features and more, MAGNA is the smart choice for optimized pump efficiency


  • Permanent magnet motor design that will avoid motor slippage problems common to induction-type motors, while delivering a starting torque four times higher than a standard induction motor.
  • AUTOAdapt™ function automatically modulates circulator performance to match ever-changing system demand, cutting power consumption by a minimum of 50 percent, as compared with other circulators in its class.
  • Plug-and-play convenience: Ten-foot-long line cord connects the circulator to a wall outlet, with no wiring required, eliminating the need to open a terminal box to make electrical connections
  • Integrated frequency converter allows built-in intelligence analyzes current conditions and adjusts performance accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency during operation
  • Low Noise Level: When in operation the noise level of the MAGNA is less then 35 db or equivalent to a whispered voice.
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