Grundfos Opens One of Nation’s Largest Water Conservation Projects


Undertaken in the spring of 2012 Grundfos North America has opened a new Water Conservation Project at its Fresno, Calif., manufacturing facility.

FRESNO, CALIF. — One of the nation’s largest commercial water conservation projects ever undertaken by a private company; it is part of a corporate-wide sustainability initiative that seeks to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and hazardous waste levels.

“It is an honor to recognize Grundfos for their commitment to our community,” said Mayor of Fresno Ashley Swearengin. “Their Water Conservation Project sets a new standard and truly leads by example, illustrating their commitment to sustainability.

It gives me a great deal of pride to join Grundfos today as we open one of the nation’s largest conservation projects ever completed by a private company – and it is right here in Fresno.”

The new master-plan design for the company’s Fresno campus will feature water-conscious landscape design, a recovery system to reclaim, treat and reuse rainwater and a groundwater recharge basin.

The recaptured water will be used to irrigate the new water-wise landscaping and support the external needs of the entire facility.

In partnership with the City of Fresno and Fresno Irrigation District the effort towards sustainability will boost the community’s groundwater supply by completely eliminating use of potable water for the facility’s irrigation.

“Our Water Conservation Project continues an aggressive company-wide plan to bolster sustainability programs including water, energy carbon, chemical and waste footprints,” said Lars Aagaard, Grundfos Executive Vice President. “At Grundfos we want to minimize our total environmental footprint throughout our company from buildings to practices.

The new water-conservation project is part of several existing sustainability programs in place at the 180,000 square-foot manufacturing facility which has already achieved a 30 percent reduction in energy use per unit of output since 2000.

Other energy-saving initiatives include the addition of a seven-acre solar array, use of energy efficient lighting, air compressors, pumps, fans and low flow plumbing fixtures.

“We have ambitious goals to minimize our impact on the environment and believe it is our responsibility to take the global lead in making a positive impact in our surrounding communities and our established local partnerships,” he continued.

For more information about the Grundfos Water Conservation Project please see the project fact sheet. Watch a time lapse video of the construction work on Grundfos USA's YouTube Channel. Photos will be made available as the project progresses. 

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