Grundfos Introduces Lightweight Ultrafiltration Booster Module at AWWA ACE14



New Grundfos BMS features a simple design and durable components to eliminate downtime. Learn more in booth 2527.

BOSTON — A new range of lightweight Grundfos booster modules makes its U.S. debut at the American Water Works Association’s 2014 Conference and Exposition in Boston June 8 to 12 sharing the spotlight with Grundfos’ water management products.

The new BMS is ideal for high flow and pressure applications in industrial and waste water systems. The product design, which is 75 percent lighter than its predecessor, focuses on simplicity by removing maintenance-heavy components and facilitating easy access to all vital parts. In addition, a permanent magnet motor has improved pump efficiency by up to 5 percent.

Lighter weight does not mean less power, however. The permanent magnet motor is capable of speeds between 4,000 and 5,500 rotations per minute.

Motor speed is controlled by a variable frequency drive that consistently operates at the optimal duty point, guaranteeing energy-efficient operation at all times.

“The BMS’s new features significantly reduce maintenance hassle and pump downtime,” said Harland Pond, business development director for Grundfos Industry. “It is built on the principles of durability and reliability, and has passed rigorous tests in a number of different environments.”

The BMS booster module is designed for reverse osmosis, filtration and ultrafiltration, pressure boosting, and water supply for industrial and municipal waste treatment systems. Its new design carries several features:

  • Direct spline coupling, which eliminates regular maintenance of the V-belt drive and oil system
  • All critical components are super duplex stainless steel suitable for use in seawater and brackish water applications
  • The shaft seal is made from carbon/silicon carbide, especially designed for high pressure
  • The thrust bearing material is made of ceramic and carbon
  • Pump bearings and seal rings are made of nitrile rubber
  • A built-in thrust bearing absorbs the axial thrust from the pump

A number of other cutting-edge water supply and treatment products will also be displayed in Grundfos’ booth:

  • Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ: an advanced packaged pump system that can be used in a wide array of different applications including pressure boosting, municipal water transfer, industrial process, and HVAC applications. Hydro MPC systems are designed to meet specific customer demands for capacity and control.
  • Smart Digital Dosing Pumps: user friendly, variable speed micro-processor controlled metering pumps.
  • Peerless Vertical Turbine: close coupled, single- or multistage turbine pumps for raw water intake, drinking water treatment and water distribution.
  • PACO Horizontal Split-Case: an easy-to-service split case design used in raw water intake, drinking water treatment and water distribution. PACO horizontal split case pumps provide high energy efficiency and low life-cycle costs. Double suction minimizes axial load, extending the life of the wear rings, shaft seals and bearings, and double volute reduces radial forces and minimizes noise and vibration.
  • SP Submersible Pump: state-of-the-art hydraulic design built to deliver optimum efficiency during periods of high demand. SP pumps provide low, long-term costs and high operating reliability regardless of the application. A complete monitoring and control system is available for constant optimization of the pumping system.

“Grundfos is committed to delivering innovative products that ensure the efficient management of water for the utility and industrial markets.” said Thomas Morrison, business development director for Grundfos North America Water Utility. “Pumps currently account for 10 percent of global electricity consumption – Grundfos works to reduce that number that by manufacturing the most efficient and technologically advanced products on the market.”

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