Kick off your career


When you join the Grundfos Graduate Programme you kick off a global career. You will become part of a global workplace with Danish roots and more than 17,000 passionate employees operating in 45 different countries. Are you ready?

A 2-year international development programme

The Graduate Programme is a direct entry to a global career at Grundfos. Being in the programme means working internationally and in a multicultural environment. During these 2 exiciting years, you will find yourself in 4 different project positions within different functional areas in different locations. You must take on at least 1 position abroad working from another of our 82 companies. So far, our Graduates have participated in exciting projects in countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, The Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland and The US.

You are your own guiding star

When entering the programme the first task is to formulate your personal development plan with a clear and motivating career vision. This is your guiding star throughout the programme and determines the selection of projects, training and development activities. Your development progress will be supported by your Programme manager and Project owner, who will assess your performance and behaviour during each project rotation. This feedback will bring focus on your strengths and areas for improvement to help you unfold your potential.

You will be a global project leader

The Grundfos Graduate Programme is built on the belief that those who aim high need a solid base. To accelerate your managerial development and competence growth, the programme is project-oriented with a multi-disciplinary focus. You will be challenged to lead high priority projects with stakeholders around the world ensuring that you will develop the holistic business understanding necessary for you to take on a leading role in the future. Each project will last 6 months and is tailored to your personal development plan.

Support from senior management and network

Throughout the programme, you will have a senior manager as your personal mentor who will guide you in your career decisions and help you navigate successfully in our global organisation. In addition, you and all the other graduates will meet and exchange experiences, develop new ideas and benefit from each other’s unique insight into various disciplines of the business.

Your future

To Grundfos the Graduate Programme is a strategic decision to accelerate the development of key staff members with the needed skills to drive excellence and take over important positions in the future. When you have successfully completed the programme, we will help you find new challenges within the global Grundfos organisation.

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