In family homes, commercial buildings and district energy systems, Grundfos is a leading supplier of full-range pump solutions from water supply to wastewater discharge and every application in between.

> Commercial Building Services
> Residential Building Services


Groundwater & Irrigation

For groundwater and irrigation applications, Grundfos supplies pumping systems that provide a reliable supply of fresh water and increase crop productivity.

> Residential Groundwater
> Water Treatment
> Water Intake
> Water Distribution


Water Supply & Wastewater

From raw water intake and drinking water treatment to water distribution, flood control and wastewater treatment, Grundfos is a full-line supplier of reliable products for each application within the water cycle.

> Wastewater Transport
> Wastewater Treatment
> Water Intake
> Water Distribution



Grundfos supplies a broad range of pump systems for industrial processes, creating customized, integrated solutions with built-in intelligence.

> Maching Industry
> Manufacturing Industries
> Industrial Boilers
> Industrial Wastewater
> Industrial Water Treatment